So now you're even more curious. I don't blame you. You want to go deeper. Learn everything you can about essential oils. Incorporate them into your daily routine. You may even be open to the idea of even earning an income with them. Why not?  It's not crazy talk. Essential Oils are the wave of the future. They are the here and now.  

WHY NOT dive in and learn about the financial opportunity? You have my permission to consciously create a life you want with a product you believe in AND, along your journey, serve so many other humans beings.  

You DO know that you can love what you're doing and be abundantly wealthy at the same time, right? All you have to do is say YES. (BTW, I'm not trying to "sell" you on anything. I'm just sharing with you my TRUTH. I'm actually living it. And this is your invitation to join me.

I'm in the Business of Helping Other Women Build Businesses!

...If you care about your body and want to wake up feeling amazing in it every single darn day, essential oils may be a path for you to explore more of...

...If you’ve already experienced the benefits of essential oils and are interested in empowering others to experience the same, I'm here to help you get started...

My team is world wide but we are similar at heart.  

Our mission is simple -  TO SERVE.  

We all have the same desire to empower others with natural solutions while continuously being inspired to elevate our own personal development.    

I'd love to invite you on board.  

To train with us, play with us, laugh with us and cry with us, all while smelling incredibly awesome.  

The path has been paved for you. The success has been proven. All you need to do is SAY HELLS YEAH, I'M IN! to the vision.

Here is how it works:

You start with incredible oils. You too become obsessed. They become part of your own daily routine as I, along with my team, teach you how to share them effortlessly with your network.(And before you claim you have no network, let me finish by reminding you that the training we gift you will help you BUILD a network of similar, like-minded people who are in desperate need of your help).

Each week you'll be invited to educational and empowering calls and trainings to guide you to create the business you've been dreaming of. You'll dive in deep, as how could you not? I'll be here by your side mentoring you closely. You are now my business partner. You see? You are never walking this path alone.  

WE do it together.

All you have to do is click HERE to get started right away,

Click HERE for a detailed step by step walk through of how to open your wholesale account.

and remember, I'm only a click or a call away...


                                                                 Essential Oils CAN Be A  Business 

It's mine...
and I'm thrilled you're here because it means you are ready to take action. Super happy about that btw as it will be WAY easier for us to work together if you're ready and committed. 

You have been tossing around the idea of starting your own business and creating the life you have seen others live but you're not quite sure you can do it for yourself. No worries. Neither did I.

When I started my doTERRA business a little over 5 years ago, I didn't know anything about creating a secondary income stream.  I had no idea how to connect with the right people to start creating residual income from my business and I definitely did not know how to use social media to build my network.  

BUT, I knew one thing -  I had to say YES to myself and start consciously creating the life I wanted.  

I knew that I had to take action, especially when I felt most afraid.  

And today, I am so happy that I listened to my gut intuition. Now, I'm passing this gift on to you.

IF you're ready... see a shift in your life make the commitment to yourself say YES to yourself and to creating a life of financial freedom and time flexibility surround yourself with other women who, just like you, are knee deep in the commitment to themselves and to building their ideal businesses 

I'm personally inviting you to coach with me.

Mentor with me

Train with me

(And let me exceptional, motivate team love on you a bit too.)

Let's Get Your Business Started

It is SUPER EASY...and here are a fe choices for you to get that Wholesale account open and your Oils on the way to you!

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  2. CLICK HERE for a detailed step by step walk through of how to open your wholesale account or,  
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***My suggestion is to treat yourself to an Enrollment kit.  They are the best value and most cost effective way to get into the Oils – you will receive whole range of Oils and blends so you too can live an essential oil lifestyle. 

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