The Whole You is about finding balance in all areas of your life. It's not just about drinking a Macca Mylk or using Vetiver before you go to bed. Its about how you spend your time and with whom. It's about managing your stress (physical, emotional and environmental) so you don't blow out your adrenals. It's about the financial freedom to be able to do what you want, when you want and GIVE what you want without hesitation.   

The Whole You is FREEDOM and WELLNESS all wrapped up into the gluten free, vegan burrito bowl you snap up after your yoga or barre class.  

If that sounds appealing to you, even if you'd prefer the green smoothie to the Macca Mylk,  you are in the right place. Watch this video to learn more about the Whole You!



I’m going to ask you a super important question. Actually, your answer is what’s most important because it lays the foundation for every step you take from this point forward.

Q: Do you have the ultimate freedom you'd like in your life? By freedom, I mean freedom of movement without chronic pain or illness. By freedom, I mean freedom to spend without anxiety or guilt. And by freedom, I mean freedom to think and just BE - be who YOU are - without second guessing whether you should or shouldn't.

Well, there are three possible answers:

  • YES! I am FREE
  • NO, I feel stuck or stifled or suffocated in a current situation or circumstance.
  • And the 3rd answer:  Hmmm... I'm not really sure.

You may feel free, but few do. Most are working 8-12 hours a day, living paycheck to paycheck in a J.O.B. that leaves them bored and unfulfilled.  Few can live or work from anywhere without an alarm clock jolting them to be on time for something they don't even want to attend.

Most are plodding along, keeping themselves highly caffeinated while giving excuses for not changing their current situation or circumstances because.... quite frankly...., they don't know how.  

Familiar, as painful as it can be, is still safe. But safety won't by your freedom and happiness However, if you are one of the unusual ones who has already elevated your consciousness, decided to say YES to ease and grace, decided to say no to anything that's not in true alignment to your purpose, then you probably ARE getting what you want out of life and you know... because YOU ARE HAPPY!

Congratulations! You ARE authoring your own life. YES - you are literally writing your ownchapters to your story. Good on ya my friend.

There aren’t many people who are bold enough to do this. Most will just settle for the junk food and live with the gas and bloating because it's more convenient than googling the closest whole food market. Most will keep pressing the snooze bar on their alarm because actually waking up and getting that workout in is too....what? Invigorating? Stimulating? Heavenly awesome?

I've got a secret for you. I've been there. I understand your pain. The immobility you feel when you think about making a change, no matter how small. The fear that grows inside of you, knocking you down, even though your dreams tell you more is possible .  

There really is more and you deserve to have it.  

More Love
More Joy
More Abundance and Wealth
More Balance

I finally woke up and realized I wanted more. I was going to live the life I felt excited to share on Instagram.

I’m not blaming anyone else or even myself for not waking up sooner. We receive messages when we are ready. Maybe I wasn't confident enough to notice the early signs my body was giving.  It doesn't matter now. The message the universe had been trying to tell me for years has now been well received. I just wasn’t listening earlier.

What about you? Are YOU listening?  Do you believe it's ALL possible?

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