Hey You! 

I think it’s super important to get to know someone before you interact and work with them. So I am introducing myself a bit more!

I am what I call a holistic Mom-Trepreneur, or is it Soul-trepreneur?  Who knows these days with the myriad of sayings that we, as women, have an inherent birth right to be a mom, live our passion AND make money (and I mean lots of it).


I bounce around the World a lot, hanging out with people like you, who share similar passions. I never feel like I'm "working" when I'm spending time with people who have similar dreams and visions. Masterminding is my playground.

But mostly I spend my time with my family in our hometown of Boulder, CO and our beach house in North San Diego County.   

By "my family" I mean my husband of almost 11 years, Wes, and our two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Madeline.  

Wes may not be as obsessed as I am about the WHOLE You (he likes pizza and burgers), but I'm not ashamed to admit we are moving in a million directions all the time. So we use essential oils to keep our immune systems squeaky clean like well oiled machine (no pun
intended) , to quiet our minds and to create more balance in our lives. 

A Little History

After university I graduated from law school.  I was even hired by one of the best boutique corporate bankruptcy
firms in Los Angeles - did I tell you I lived there for 10 years too?.....Westside.

I was making pretty good money, especially for a 26 year old! But, I knew I wasn't living my dream life.  I was not  destined to be sitting behind a desk or standing in front of a courtroom arguing semantics.   (Sorry you lawyers out there).    

And so I left.

I know it might sound cray- cray to some, but as you can probably figure out by now, I needed a little more balance in my life 


Driving through that LA traffic, only to be indoors all day was not what I had envisioned.  If I wanted any exercise, I had to wake up at 5 am....Yuck! And shopping for anything?  Food? 
Drop off dry cleaning?  7 pm or later. Crap, most of the time things were closed by the time I got off work.  
When would I have time to raise a pet, let alone eventually have my own little precious humans? 

Full disclosure - I had NO idea what my purpose was back then. I hadn't even begun to wake up. But THAT life was definitely NOT IT.

As a swimmer turned triathlete, and then eventually just a runner as even the sport of triathlon threw me completely out of balance, I navigated towards finding that balance in my own body. Pilates and yoga were a natural fit and only a short while later, I was actually  teaching both modalities myself.

A COMPLETELY different path for the FLEXIBILITY - or so I thought..... 

Fast forward 15 years.... after total submersion into both of those practices I was ALL IN. Natural and holistic everything. But there was still something nudging at me. I didn't really  have the time flexibility or financial freedom I still yearned for and knew was possible. And I knew it was NOT going to happen with my career as an instructor. I just couldn't possibly see enough clients a day  to achieve the income I knew would change my life and the lives of everyone I touched.   

And so I started thinking....and manifesting....and journaling....and I became that student again. Allowing myself to be guided by others who were living the lifestyle I craved. That's when it hit me - I had to build a residual pipeline
while staying true to myself.

So that's what I did. I did it by sharing my love for essential oils..... doTERRA essential oils as there is no comparison. I taught others how to use them as a lifestyle and as the alternative to everything.  

The journey has been massive, mind-blowing and life-changing. I've been able to tap into my own areas of genius I didn't know I even had! And enhance my leadership skills. And then guide thousands along a similar path.

We don't ever have to remain stuck anywhere. Our lives should ebb and flow. If you are open to changes and shifts, even subtle, you'll always be learning. And honestly, shame on you if you aren't.

Today I am living the life I've always dreamed of. I authored the book called My Life. I decided to follow my heart and not stand in the face of fear. The best news is, I get to share it with you, too. My success is your success. My goal is to empower you too.

I want to help YOU become the best possible WHOLE version of yourself. 

How did I do it? Watch this video.

Let’s get to know each other better.  

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